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Introduction to DIY Course

It may seem easy to install a shelf. However, in reality, it can be challenging. What if you accidentally get electrocuted? What will you do if you drill a hole and hit an electric cable in the wall? Will the damages be serious? Our course can help you get through these questions.

In our 3-hour course, you can learn a lot about skills you need to know what you are drilling. As a result, you can avoid hitting any plumbing or cables, navigate the wall well, and install your shelves easily regardless of the kind of wall you have.

Other things you will learn from the session are the following:

  • Drilling into wood, plasterboard, tiles, metal, and concrete
  • Using a hammer, drill driver, and action drill
  • Determining the kind of wall you have at home
  • Picking out the drill bit that is appropriate to use
  • Marking a wall appropriately to level the shelves
  • Choosing the right wall fixings for any virtually any situation
  • Ways to install your shelves in alcoves
  • Ways to install your shelf on the wall
  • Tips on how to stay safe and prevent accidents

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