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Arts, crafts and wellbeing workshops, classes and courses

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Woodworking Classes

Bush Furniture Worldwide Online Course provides people the happiness and satisfaction of creating beautiful works of art. We have a lot of courses, workshops, and classes for arts, crafts, and health. What we offer in each session is a unique and interactive experience. We connect our students with...

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Willow Decorative Stag Head Sculpture-Making Course

This course was created a few years ago to teach students how to make and enjoy creating sculptures. The course is also designed for beginners to achieve the head sculpture they want. Our instructors have met a lot of weavers who have created intricately-designed head sculptures, and they came up with a 1-day course to simplify how to make these.
These willow head sculptures can be a great piece for your home, You will also be shown ways on how to weave dried willow by using various techniques. Not only is this course great for beginners but also intermediate students.
Throughout the day, you will know all about the basics of…


Basket-Making Course

Recently, most baskets have been used as decorative pieces. Thousands of years ago, it was used as containers. Therefore, they were custom-made for their function. Aside from beautifying homes, they can be useful in many ways in houses.
Our 2-day basket-making course is one of the most popular for beginners and experienced students. In the sessions, you will discover ways to make different types of baskets such as ribbed, rectangular, and coiled spoke-and-weave basket styles. Our course can give you the basic skills you need to create various types of baskets from different materials.
You do not need to worry if you have not …


Kitchen Utensils Woodwork Course

If you spend your weekend attending our kitchen utensils woodwork course, you will know all about the basics of how to start and finish your kitchen utensils woodwork project. The aim of this course is to make the students more confident to create their wood projects at home.
For this course, it is a bit different from other wooden tools courses since we choose to use green wood instead of dry wood. Aside from learning how to carve and sculpt using dry wood, we will also walk you through the final touches of the project. As a result, you will go home with a completely refined wooden piece.
To achieve the objective of the …

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