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Workshop for Epoxy Resin Beginners

If you are starting to explore epoxy resin, we want to invite you to take our epoxy resin workshop. This course is made for first-time users of epoxy. Our instructors have been creating river tables, pouring epoxy pieces, and utilizing resin for a long period, so they want to impart what they have learned throughout the years.

When you take part in this workshop, you will know about the properties and how strong epoxy resin is. You will also know how to use it with wood. Therefore, you can hone your creativity and learn how to pour resin. This is the perfect place for you to learn all the basics of creating your projects made of resin.

You will get an apron, the materials, and the tools you need for the workshop However, we highly recommend wearing old clothes. There is also free parking provided at the venue. Please take note that you have to wait for the epoxy resin to dry for 7 days, so you can pick up your work after that period. Nevertheless, you have an option to have your piece delivered for a fee.

Every epoxy resin class lasts for about 3 to 4 hours.

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