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Chair Making Course

This 6-day green-wood chair making course series tackles all the needed knowledge and skills on green woodworking so that you can make a chair using green ash wood. Some of the methods you can learn are shaping the parts, carving, drying the parts in a wood-fired kiln overnight, steam-bending them to achieve the ideal shape, drilling and cutting the tenons and mortises, assembling the frame, and weaving.

You can choose from many chair designs and materials that are suitable for different skill levels. Even though it is not needed, background knowledge on working with green wood is advantageous.

Aside from acquiring skills, you will have a great and fulfilling experience because you will spend a week being to nature and create a beautiful wooden furniture piece. Moreover, you can feel accomplished because you have made a chair that is very special and can last a lifetime.

When you take this course, you will be provided with all the tools and materials you need. There are also hot beverages, and cake or biscuits. Ingredients for making sandwiches and fresh fruits are also available. If you want to camp in the venue, there is an extra payment per head after the course is done.

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