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Introduction to Green-Wood Furniture Making

This 2-day course teaches you the methods and skills of green-wood furniture making which focuses on detailing and modern design. Every course has a maximum of 6 students.

You will create a side table or a short stool using different tools for edging. You begin with a freshly cut log and learn how to carve it using wedges and a pailing knife. Then, using a spokeshave and drawknife, you can shape it on the shaving horse. Wedged tenons will be utilized for the joints.

Depending on your skills and level of confidence, you can also try your hand at sculpting free-form seats or tabletops and using contrasting timbers. Even children can participate in this course. Many of them get happy and excited when they cut a log and make a beautiful piece.

In the package, there are biscuits, tea, and coffee available. However, you need to bring your lunch and heat it in the toaster or microwave which are both available in the venue.

The venue is located in a beautiful valley to make students feel more inspired. You can also go to the sea on foot. There are also excellent accommodations if you want to stay there longer.

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