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Sculptural Willow Weaving Workshop

This workshop will let you experience designing and creating large willow sculptures. We will make these together.

The workshop will begin with self-introductions and about space safety awareness. We will discuss the dry and wet conditions of willow and how to manage and acquire the skills to shape. As the sessions progress, your skills also progress, and you will be immersed in the wonderful world of weaving.

What makes us different from other workshops is that we donate the works to community schools and organizations. Therefore, you do not only take home new skills and knowledge, but you also help others.

For an extra fee, you can make your project and bring it home for decoration such as an animal sculpture. You can avail of this on the day of the workshop itself and pay through card or cash.

When you attend the workshop, all the tools and other materials you need for the session will be provided. If you have an apron, you can bring it with you together with your work clothes. Please do arrive 15 minutes before the session starts.

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