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Furniture Restoration Course

This 1-day furniture restoration course encompasses many related skills to cater to different needs. The course can be tailored for first-timers to experienced ones. Anyone will acquire new skills, meet amazing people, and relax by trying something new.

The facilities we have are ideal for learning not only furniture restoration but also design and arts. There are subjects such as overall restoration, upholstery, cabinet making, woodturning, finishing, gliding, and marquetry among many others.

Other great things about this course are the qualified instructors and the vibe of the venue. There is a lot of equipment to help students fulfill their furniture restoration needs.

The price indicated includes the introductory workshop, biscuits, tea, and coffee. Lunch is not included. For project-based workshops, there is an additional payment since there are more significant resources needed. It is highly recommended to reach out to us for more details.

We provide PPEs for the sessions, but students can bring their safety items to be safer. We will inform the students about other things that can be required before the course begins.

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